350 FPS Gas Powered Airsoft 1911

350 FPS Gas Powered Airsoft 1911
350 FPS Gas Powered Airsoft 1911
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Product Description

350 FPS Gas Powered Airsoft 1911


Chronographed at 350 FPS with 0.20g BB's.

Extremely gas efficient with no blowback.

Semi Automatic.

Functioning Safety.

Plastic Construction.

TECH TIP: When pressuring green gas into the mag be sure the mag is outside of the gun, hold it upside down, line up the valves straight and be sure to use lots of pressure. Allow the gas to go inside the magazine for 4 to 5 seconds then stop for 2 seconds. Repeat this process 3 to 5 times to be sure that you have enough gas to go through an entire mag of ammo!

Remember that green gas does not work well in the cold weather. Also if the mag is used over and over it can get very cold and will cause the gas to get cold, making the pistol not function properly. Best bet is to use spare mags.