Airsoft Ballistics Event Field Rules

Airsoft Ballistics Event Field Rules
Airsoft Ballistics Event Field Rules

Please remember that Airsoft Ballistics airsoft events are family friendly and everyone is expected to play with honor and maturity.

IF you are caught breaking any of the following rules you will only be told ONCE, your name will be taken down, and if your under 18 your parents will be notified. If you are caught a second time you will be banned from the events for a six month period. After six months if you are under 18 your parents will be required to be at the event the entire time, you will not longer be allowed to be dropped off.

1.) STAGING AREA: The staging area is a safe zone. No one should be shooting in the staging area, toward the staging area, or across the staging area. When in the staging area no airsoft guns should be loaded and all airsoft guns should be on safe at all times. When a scenario is in play those at the staging area should not be shooting airsoft guns and they should remain quite - talking is allowed however keep your voices down. You will respect those who are still playing the scenario and not be a distraction to them.

2.) TEST FIRING: In order to test fire your airsoft you will proceed to the test firing zone with it unloaded. The test firing area will be marked with two pieces of caution tape. Once there you may load your airsoft and test fire. When done you will unload your airsoft and put it on safe before returning to the staging area - this includes clearing your chamber of ammo (dry fire your airsoft two to three times in order to verify there are no more BB's in the hop up unit.

3.) HONOR: A very important rule in airsoft is to play with honor. Respect other players. Remember without honor airsoft games are pointless and no fun. Good sportsmanship is a MUST. Don't complain about losing. Remember, play with honor.

4.) SAFETY: Eye protection is required at all times when on the airsoft field. Airsoft Ballistics does not require but does recommend having a players, ears, nose, mouth, and neck protected at all times.

5.) REAL WEAPONS: Real weapons of any kind, shape, or size are NOT allowed on the airsoft field. If you bring them leave them in your car.

6.) DEAD MEN DON'T SPEAK: IF you are KIA don't talk to anyone, don't respond to radio chatter, & follow the proper protocol.

7.) RED KILL RAG: A red kill rag is required.

8.) FRIENDLY FIRE: Friendly fire counts. If you are shot then you are shot regardless of who shot you, so be sure to identify your target before you pull the trigger.

9.) KIA ZONES: When you are hit with from waist up to head you are KIA, other body parts don't count unless that body part was in front of your upper body. This includes ALL vests, helmets, pouches, backpacks, and etc. Friendly fire DOES count.

10.) WHEN HIT: When Hit the player should yell "HIT" or "OUT". Most of the time the player shooting can't hear the other player yell, so therefore it is required that you have a red "dead" rag to display.

11.) DISPUTES: If there are any disputes they should be resolved in a sportsman like manner. NO yelling, cussing, or insults.

12.) BLIND MAN: When a player hears another player yell "blind man" that player should yell "blind man" in order to echo it throughout the field to all other players. The blind man rule covers all the following:

A.) If at any time a law enforcement officer of any kind (Police Officer, Sheriffs Officer, Game Warden, or etc.) shows up please yell "blind man" and be sure to put your airsoft guns down.

B.) If at anytime a player gets hurt and needs assistance please yell "blind man".

C.) If a player is hurt or law enforcement arrives please also yell "Raptor", "Huntress", "PirateThis", "Gator", "Ghost", or "Jolly Roger" so that an Admin can come to assist.

13.) DRUGS / ALCOHOL: Illegal drugs and/or alcohol are not allowed and they will not be tolerated, so don't even try.

14.) DISTRACTIONS: When in the field in play the throwing of items to make noise and distract another player is NOT allowed. This does not include thunder B's, smoke grenades, or etc, however only throw an item like that where you know it is safe to do so.

15.) DISTANCES OF ENGAGEMENT: Distances of engagement are for every players safety. If a player finds them self within the call out safety distance of another player then that player should NOT shoot but instead have the other player "dead to rights" in their weapon sight and yell "BANG"

A.) For any gun shooting less then 300 FPS there is a 5 to 10 foot "BANG" call out safety distance.

B.) For any gun shooting 300 to 400 FPS or more there is a 15 to 20 foot "BANG" call out safety distance.

C.) For any gun shooting 400 to 450 FPS there is a 25 to 30 foot "BANG" call out safety distance.

D.) For any guns shooting 450+ FPS there is a 35 to 40 foot "BANG" call out safety distance.