Airsoft Operation CHAOS Phase One

Airsoft Operation CHAOS Phase One
Airsoft Operation CHAOS Phase One

Scheduled for: October 28th 2018

Meeting Location: Post Office in Paulden AZ

Meeting Time: 0900 Hours.

Playing Field: Leviathan Swamp East

GPS Coordinates of Staging Area: 35.082109, -112.405357

Airsoft Operation CHAOS:

Mission Scenario Rules:

1.) Airsoft Ballistics field rules apply to all players.

2.) All players will be divided up into teams of four.

3.) All players have unlimited re-spawns.

4.) Teams of four are not allowed to travel more then 30 paces from each other.

5.) When a player is KIA that player has to give their business card to any player that can get to them - that is not on their team.

6.) Players who are KIA are not allowed to move.

7.) Classified.

8.) Classified.

9.) Classified.

10.) Classified.

11.) Classified.

12.) Classified.

ANGELS Mission Briefing:

1.) As an angel you are a healer and cannot be KIA. You are required to wear a bight orange safety vest.

2.) If any player shoots at you or even hits you, you are then allowed to return fire. You can heal the player you KIA but it does not have to be immediately, you can wait a while.

3.) Classified.

4.) When you find a KIA player all you have to do is touch them to heal them.

5.) You are not allowed to heal any players if they are near a fire fight, you must wait for the fire fight to end.