Airsoft Operation KILL Zone

Airsoft Operation KILL Zone

Airsoft Operation KILL Zone

Event Cost: TBD

Event Date: TBD

Meeting Time: TBD

Meeting Location: TBD

Playing Field: TBD


1.) Airsoft Ballistics field rules and primary KIA zones apply to all players.

2.) Every player gets two re-spawns equaling three lives.

3.) Only one player (from each team) is allowed in the KILL Zone at a time.

4.) If two players from the same team are inside the KILL Zone at the same time then BOTH players will be immediately KIA with no more re-spawns.

5.) If a player is carrying the flag and is KIA that player should drop the flag right there and then follow the re-spawn protocol.

6.) If the flag is left laying somewhere then any player can pick it up.

7.) When a player has the flag that player is NOT allowed to pass it off to another player, the player has to keep it with them until they either get KIA or get the flag to their extraction location.


Attention soldiers your mission is to locate the KILL Zone inside the riverbed, retrieve the flag from the KILL Zone, and take it to your extraction location. If the other team gets the flag outside of the KILL Zone you should go after it - but remember don't allow two people from your team to cross through the KILL zone at the same time.