Airsoft Op Pistol Shoot Em Up

Airsoft Op Pistol Shoot Em Up

Airsoft Op Pistol Shoot Em Up

This event REQUIRES all players to have a pistol and a holster for their pistol. Please bring your regular guns for other games!

Event Cost: FREE!!!

Event Date: June 25th, 2017

Meeting Time: 0900 Hours.

Meeting Location: Behind Roberts Marketplace in Prescott Valley.

Playing Field: Dead Forest


1.) Airsoft ballistics field rules apply to all players.

2.) Only pistols are allowed to be used for the primary scenario. AEG pistol carbines and SMG's do not qualify as pistols for the primary scenario.

3.) All players are required to have a holster to carry their pistol in.

4.) All players are required to carry their pistol in their holster during the scenario and may only draw their pistol when they are ready to shoot at an opponent.

5.) Once the player is done shooting the pistol must be returned to the holster immediately.

6.) Players are allowed to carry as many pistols as they want - as long as all the pistols are in holsters.

7.) A hit anywhere on the body or gear counts as a KIA.

8.) When a player is KIA that player should call themselves out and wait until they are tagged by another player. When the player is tagged they are immediately on the team of the player who tagged them.

9.) The scenario continues until all players are on one team!