Airsoft Op Skull Warfare

Airsoft Op Skull Warfare
Airsoft Op Skull Warfare
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Airsoft Op Skull Warfare

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1.) Airsoft Ballistics field rules and primary KIA zones apply to all players.

2.) Players are only allowed to move the enemy skull IF it is at its flag location.

3.) If a player is transporting a skull and they are KIA they should leave the skull right there, and then follow the proper re-spawn protocol.

4.) All players have four re-spawns equaling five lives.

5.) If at any time a player finds the Gold detailed AZTEC skull and carries it with them they can only be KIA with a hit to the head. If the player carrying the Gold AZTEC skull is KIA then that player should leave the skull right there and follow the proper re-spawn protocol.


1.) Locate your teams skull.

2.) Take your teams skull to it's correct flag location (the skull paint job will match the flag design).

3.) Locate the enemy skull and guard it so that the enemy team can't get it.

4.) If the enemy gets their skull to its flag location assault that location in order to take the enemy skull back to its starting point where you should guard it in order to keep the enemy from getting it back.

WIN SITUATION: The team that has their skull at its flag location at the end of the two hour scenario WINS!