Air Arms .22 Cal S410 TRD Classic Airgun

Air Arms .22 Cal S410 TRD Classic Airgun
Air Arms .22 Cal S410 TRD Classic Airgun
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Air Arms .22 Cal S410 TRD Classic Airgun


The Air Arms take down rifle is a great idea for airgunners who like to travel with their guns. Take this gun apart, put it in the included fitted case and you are ready to go!

By turning the wheel at the back of the rifle it will come apart in three pieces.

The gun weighs less than 6 pounds and with the carry case it only weighs 8.71 pounds.

The TDR has a twelve groove Lothar Walther barrel, a two stage adjustable trigger, a walnut stock that adjusts for the rifle to measure from 37 inches to 41.75 inches.

The TDR is a ten shot repeater with space in the rear stock to hold more clips that you can pre-load. One clip is included with the gun.

The TDR has a manometer (air pressure gauge) so you always know how much pressure you have left in the reservoir.

This TDR has a rail under the forearm so that you can add a bi-pod if you choose.