AirForce USA .25 Cal Ultimate Condor PCP Air Rifle

AirForce USA .25 Cal Ultimate Condor PCP Air Rifle
AirForce USA .25 Cal Ultimate Condor PCP Air Rifle
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Product Description

AirForce USA .25 Cal Ultimate Condor PCP Air Rifle

Be ready for anything! This totally loaded AirForce Condor comes with so many accessories, you can hunt, plink, shoot in the basement or backyard, change barrels, make the gun quieter and get high-pressure air when your scuba tank is empty!

The AirForce Condor is the most powerful production PCP made today and here is the ultimate package!

Its unusual look and design make this gun stand apart from the other air rifles. It has adjustable power, from 600 fps on the low end to 1250 fps on the top end (for .22 cal). Even with all that power, it's recoilless!

Power without accuracy is useless, so AirForce made sure you got a REALLY accurate gun by using only Lothar Walter barrels. The 24" barrel (comes standard on all Condors) has a 1:16 twist and can deliver 1" groups at 50 yards. Changing barrels is quick and easy!


24" barrel and Hi-Flo Spin-Loc tank

12" barrel

Talon SS end cap (combine this with the 12" barrel to make the gun much quieter!)

AirForce refill clamp (to attach the reservoir to a scuba tank)

AirForce 4-16x50AO scope

AirForce high rings with see-through mount

AirForce quick detachable fiber optic open sights

AirForce hand pump

A spare Spin-Loc standard tank

AirForce extendable/fold-able bi-pod

AirForce tri-rail for mounting even more accessories

AirForce thumbhole/accessory bar

The .177 Cal Condor has a special tank valve spring. If you plan to attach other caliber barrels to your gun, you may want to buy a tank made for the other calibers (.20, .22 and .25 caliber use the same tank). If you use the .177 caliber tank with the other smallbore calibers, you'll experience a drop of 50-100 fps in those calibers. However, if you buy the .20, .22, or .25 caliber but plan to also attach a .177 caliber barrel, you must buy a .177 caliber air tank. If you don't the tank valve spring will not close fast enough and all your air will be dumped.