Beeman RX-2 Gas Pistol Air Rifle .20 Caliber

Beeman RX-2 Gas Pistol Air Rifle .20 Caliber
Beeman RX-2 Gas Pistol Air Rifle .20 Caliber
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Beeman RX-2 Gas Pistol Air Rifle .20 Caliber


One of the more powerful guns in the Beeman line, the RX-2 isn't a traditional spring gun. Instead of a coiled steel spring, the piston is filled with air. It's like the gas spring that holds up the back door of a mini-van or hatchback car. Instead of compressing a steel spring, you're compressing a column of air. You don't have to fill the gas spring because no air ever leaves it.

When you go hunting with a gun that has a gas spring, you never have to worry about the spring taking a "set". When you cock a gun with a metal spring, you're suppose to shoot it right away. If you leave it cocked too long (and do that too many times), the spring loses strength, remains more compressed when it's uncocked and delivers lower power. That won't happen with a gas spring!

In any caliber, the RX-2 makes a great hunting rifle. In .22 caliber it delivers over 20 foot-pounds.

Inclused 1" scope rings, medium profile, vertical scope stop in one ring, 2 screws per base and 4 screws per ring cap.

Featured benefits of a gas-piston:

Smoother cocking

Smoother shooting

No spring torque

No spring fatigue, even if you leave it cocked for hours

Functions perfectly in cold weather

Lasts longer than a metal spring