Blue Cord MilSim Presents Junior Ranger Camp

Blue Cord MilSim Presents Junior Ranger Camp
Blue Cord MilSim Presents Junior Ranger Camp

Special thanks to Blue Cord MilSim and Airsoft Ballistics for hosting this Junior Ranger Camp.

Okay so this is not an airsoft event, it is a Junior Ranger Camp for those under the age of 18 where they will get to camp out with Blue Cord MilSim and Airsoft Ballistics where they will learn all about airsoft, MilSim, tactics, training, squad movement, and etc.

WHAT WILL YOU NEED: Each junior ranger will be responsible for providing all of the following:

1.) Their own airsoft guns and gear, including face protection.

2.) Their own camping equipment - tent, sleeping bag, pillow, chap-stick, and etc. Blue Cord MilSim will be providing one very large canopy for the junior rangers.

3.) Some of their own snacks and drinks (if they want to). - Blue Cord MilSim and Airsoft Ballistics will be providing dinner in the form of barbecue hamburgers and hot dogs, and breakfast in the form of pancakes, eggs, and milk, they will also be providing snacks and drinks in the form of water and gatorade.

Dinner will commence at 1800 hours.

Breakfast will commence at 0800 hours.


1.) Introduction to airsoft and MilSim - common rules and sportsmanship.

2.) Airsoft gun familiarization and functions.

3.) Airsoft gun sighting, zeroing, and qualification.

4.) Airsoft gun range drills will include:

A.) Quick draw and transitions (for those with sidearms).

B.) Rapid fire technique with multiple targets.

C.) Failure drills.

5.) Individual soldier tactics and movements.

6.) Hand and arm signals (same as the Army uses).

7.) Fire team tactics and movements.

8.) How to "Shoot - Move - Communicate".

9.) Fire team breakdown and assignments.

10.) How to move, communicate, fight, and win AS A TEAM. These will be live fire exercises!


In order to sign up for Junior Ranger Camp you have to be under the age of 18. You have to sign up for the camp no later then June 27th. You have to sign up at the Airsoft store in Prescott Valley. Attendance will be limited to only 30 Junior Rangers.

Cost is $10 per ranger.

Airsoft Ballistics waiver / release of liability must be signed and on file.

Parents are more then welcome to come camp and hang out with us!

Junior Ranger Camp will take place June 30th commencing at 1200 hours to July 1st ending at 1200 hours.